Miguel Ameigeiras – Founder

Mr. Ameigeiras has served as President and CEO of Chilcott Inc. since 2012.  He is a retired senior Marine Corps operations officer with extensive leadership experience in exercise direction, crisis management, anti-terrorism/force protection, strategic and operational planning and program administration. He is also an accomplished Attack Helicopter pilot with qualifications in both the UH-1N “Huey” and AH-1W “Cobra” attack helicopter.  Over the past 25 years he has developed a reputation as an excellent communicator and talented negotiator with a demonstrated ability to reach mutually beneficial agreements by working with people and organizations of diverse cultural, geographical and political backgrounds in both the public and private sector.  He specializes in the International Affairs arena with an incredibly varied portfolio of regional experience and travel throughout Africa, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Latin America. He is fluent in Spanish and holds a TS/SCI Clearance. Mr. Ameigeiras earned his Master of Arts degree in International Relations/Security Studies from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Massachusetts and a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Administration from California State University, Los Angeles.

“As the founder of Chilcott Incorporated, I have surrounded myself with exceptional individuals in order to offer products and services that are operationally sound, meet a need and are affordable.  I strive to lead Chilcott Inc. in a manner that builds long lasting relationships and truly puts our customers first.”

Antonio Santiago – Strategy and Sales

Mr. Santiago is a TS/SCI cleared retired U.S. Army Special Operations Officer with over 30 years of government service in DOD and DOS.  Antonio Santiago brings a breath of operational know how in managing and directing programs and projects in the areas of; Influence Operations; Science Technology and Experimentation; IT Implementation; Inter agency Coordination; Conflict Resolution, Negotiations; Business Development, and International Relations to our team. Tony is intimately familiar in working hand in hand with Combatant Commands and U.S. Embassies throughout Europe and Latin America.  After military retirement, Tony has worked for the Department of State, International Narcotics and Law Enforcement and Major Defense contractors such as  Lockheed Martin, Booze Allen Hamilton, and Science Application International Corporation (SAIC).  Tony has a Master’s in International Relations and Executive MBA from the University of Miami.

Omar Perez – Engineer

Mr. Perez is a TS/SCI cleared engineer with experience in radars, communications systems and training personnel.  Mr. Perez is intimately familiar with the United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) and its Area of Operations (AO) which includes South America, Central America and the Caribbean.  He has conducted a number of missions totaling over four years combined time in the AO as both a United States Air Force Officer and as a contractor.  He was the Military Group (MILGP) Colombia Communications Officer (J6) supporting a unit of over three hundred personnel from every military branch.  He was also the Radar Program Officer (RPO) Director on an Air Combat Command (ACC) contract and coordinated on a daily basis with host county high leadership to maintain radars.  He has also conducted training on disaster relief systems, in both English and Spanish, in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Uruguay, Honduras, Chile, and Guatemala.  Mr. Perez has been affiliated with Chilcott Inc. since 2010 and continues to be a key team member.

 Paul W. Mahlstedt – Counter-Transnational Organized Crime

Mr. Mahlstedt has over 20 years’ experience with the Departments of State and Defense, and inter-agency coordination with focus on counter-transnational organized crime, narcotics and counter-terrorist strategy, planning, and operations, specializing in Latin America.  Mr. Mahlstedt spent sixteen years developing and managing U.S. counter-narcotics assistance and public security programs in Mexico (Merida Initiative), Colombia (Plan Colombia), and Guatemala.  A retired US Navy Commander, Mahlstedt coordinated the Regional Conflicts Working Group that supported the President’s Commission on Integrated Long-Term Strategy.  Mr. Mahlstedt has also advised the Director, National Drug Control Policy and the National Security Adviser on US policy, plans, and strategy against cocaine trafficking in South America.  Mr. Mahlstedt also served as the Executive Officer to the Commander-in-Chief, US Southern Command.  In government and the private sector, Mahlstedt specializes in identifying emerging technologies and solutions facing partner nation security agencies.  Mr. Mahlstedt graduated from Princeton University (Latin American Studies) and was a Fulbright Scholar in Montevideo.  Mahlstedt also has a MBA.  He is fluent in Spanish and holds a TS clearance.

Anthony Perez — Legal Advisor

Mr. Perez graduated cum laude from the University of Miami, School of Law, where he was a member of the University of Miami Law Review.  He is admitted to the Florida Bar, U.S. Southern District of Florida, U.S. Middle District of Florida and the U.S. Northern District of Florida.  Mr. Perez is an authority in conducting all phases of trial work primarily involving contract law, insurance defense, products liability defense, commercial litigation, real estate, employment and labor law.  Mr. Perez also has a great deal of domestic and international experience in transactional law and drafting and negotiating commercial contracts in a variety of industries.  Concurrently, Mr. Perez holds the grade of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.  As Marine Corps Operations officer, he has directed and led all aspects of multinational exercises, crisis management, anti-terrorism/force protection, strategic and operational planning and program administration.  He is a highly experienced professional with substantial experience in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and the Middle East.  He has served combat tours in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  Mr. Perez also holds a BA in Psychology from Florida International University.  He is fluent in Spanish and holds a TS/SCI clearance.

Dr. Burt Faibisoff — Medical Advisor

Dr Faibisoff is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with more than 25 years of experience working in medical settings throughout the world. He currently has an active practice involving trauma reconstructive surgery. His medical experience extends from high level tertiary care settings to village medicine and surgery. Dr. Faibisoff’s military career spans three decades and multiple deployments to South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. He has worked from Company to Regimental levels.   His accomplishments include hands on surgery and trauma combat casualty care instruction. Dr. Faibisoff‘s languages include English, Italian and Spanish.  Dr. Faibisoff has TS/SCI clearance.  He currently acts as an active practitioner and consultant in his group and as an administrative advisor.